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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Tea Gardens - life's pretty good.

In July, 2016, I moved home, as a tenant, to my friend's little bungalow/cottage, at a quaint little village called Tea Gardens, NSW, just about an hour north of Newcastle, but a world removed from the city life. Tea Gardens is often coupled with Hawks Nest, which is just across the Myall River, and has some of the best possible beach scenery.

One area of true beauty of Tea Gardens, for me, is that there is NO public (Government) transport, only a few private buses, a few times per day. Also, there are fewer than 3000 permanent residents, so, unless it's Xmas, or another holiday time, there's few people about, so there's little noise. Gee, at this rate, I might even have time to consider blogging, again!

Fancy living in a place with only one (1) supermarket? Well, Tea Gardens is one of those places. There's lots of 1-off businesses such as a plant Nursery, Hardware, Petrol Station, Pub, and just to spoil me for choice, two pie shops, and a couple of decent restaurants! The shop I go to, most frequently, is the Ice Cream Shack - no, not for the many flavour variations available, but for the conviviality and the best coffee in town.

There is even a Ferry service which goes to Nelson Bay, just over the waters of Port Stephens.

I'll write more, when I'm not so exhausted.


Thursday, October 22, 2015

Holiday - Sept. / Oct. 2015 - Newcastle to Albury, NSW - Days 1 - 2

We left Newcastle with plenty of time to drive to Albury, just a easy drive of 703 kms. We went via Gundagai, so we could see the famous 'Dog on the Tucker Box'.

Albury, NSW, is a stunning city, with clean streets, mown parklands, clearly marked street signs, and a sense of preservation of heritage. We stayed at the Winsor Motel, which was clean, comfy and central. Just a stone's throw from everything, such as the grand old Railway Station, and the Botanic Gardens, which are both on our re-visit list.

...Yackandandah, Vic.

...The Woolshed Falls.

... Beechworth, Vic.


Holiday - Sept. / Oct. 2015 - Beechworth to Mansfield - Days 3 - 4

Honey - Beechworth. Those two words go together, well...just like bloody and good! We reached this haven on day 3 of our trip to the Great Ocean Road, in Victoria. We also called at Whitfield, along the way, and saw the Power Lookout. Great drive.

... As close as I wish to get to Beechworth Gaol.

The Pennyweight Winery and Tasting Room.

...and the Amulet Winery.

Our accommodation in the George Kerferd Hotel / Linaker Motel, at Beechworth.


Holiday - Sept. / Oct. 2015 - Mansfield to Healesville - Day 5

A pretty trip from Beechworth, Mansfield, through Marysville, to Healesville. This area has to be a highlight of anyone's trip. There's something for everyone, as far as scenery is concerned, culminating in the great village of Healesville. The run through the Yarra Valley / Forest, and Narbethong, was ok, too!

A wholesome dinner at our hotel/motel, The Terminus, at Healesville, was welcomed.

...and we think that the best kitchen in Healesville would have to be The Two Fat Men Kitchen!