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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Homeward Bound - via Tamworth, NSW !

We had to leave the Blue Mountains, on Wednesday, 5th April, after three nights and four glorious days. We will definitely be staying at the Airbnb in Pritchard St, Wentworth Falls, again, if possible. It was excessively comfortable, and clean, and provided Karen and I with more than we expected. Thanks Kim.

Wednesday morning, we were up early, because, apart from packing, we wanted to visit the Conservation Hut, Valley of the Waters, in Fletcher St, Wentworth Falls. We decided to try for breakfast there, and knowing it opened at 9.00am, were there waiting. Danielle, the waitress/hostess, greeted us warmly and seated us with a good view - of the foggy mountain valley. Not her fault. We ordered coffee and a huge breakfast each, little did we know how tasty it would turn out. I had a 'Full Monty' of jacket potatoes, mushrooms, tomatoes and bacon, with a serving of scrambled eggs on sourdough toast. Wow! Karen had poached eggs and mushrooms with sourdough toast. For A$43, a bargain. Tasty as.

We then headed towards Lithgow, NSW, with fond memories of a beaut breakfast and the great service we got from Dani (terimah kasih). We'll be back.

Near Lithgow, we turned and headed to Mudgee, NSW. This area is renowned for its top-class wines, but, alas, we had no time for self-indulgences, like wine tasting. We went through some interesting places like, Putta Bucca, Eurunderie, Ulan, Turill, Cassilis, Merriwa, Willow Tree, Wallabadah, Goonoo Goonoo, then arrived in Tamworth. Along the way, we saw the magnificent Liverpool Plains area of NSW.

We stayed at an easy to reach Motel, called the Econo Lodge, in Tamworth. This was a bit of a let-down after what we'd experienced at Wentworth Falls - and nearly the same price ! I think the Motels have got to get realistic with their pricing. I remember when I was travelling for a job, I stayed in Motels like this one, and they haven't changed - only the paint job, or the prices. The decor is the same, the lousy bathrooms are the same, the lousy free 'Continental' breakfasts are the same and the check-out times are still 10am.

The Oxley Scenic Lookout in Tamworth ...

Oh, well, that's it for this year, I think, and I will always love the Blue Mountains area, and now I've got some new loves - the Airbnb at Pritchard St, and the Conservation Hut.

Ah, home - at last!


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Wentworth Falls, Leura - Rainy Day

Unfortunately, a little too much precipitation put the kibosh on activity today, 4th April. We did, however, venture out during breaks in the weather to at least enjoy the day. We had an also-ran cup of moderately, lukewarm coffee at the Leura Garage - café, restaurant and bar, which was more than made up for by the great service we got. Interesting decor - early medieval mechanic.

Following a quick dash to the favourite shop - Moontree - for candle supplies, we hit the road towards Leura Cascades - although we'd been there many times before, we took a different path,and it seemed like a new place!

We finished the day with dinner at the Grand View Hotel, in Wentworth Falls.

Off to Lithgow, tomorrow morning, then up through Mudgee, to Quirindi, then to Tamworth, in the New England area, for one night - then home.


Monday, April 3, 2017

Blackheath, NSW - Govett's Leap, and Evans Lookouts

After some pretty serious walking, at least for me, I'm exhausted, but happy. The Blackheath area is well-known for its walks, as well as its beautiful scenery. With the weather the way it was (raining, foggy and cold), we did manage to snap off a few good ones. Hope you like them.

What's in store for tomorrow? Mmm.


Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Blue Mountains - especially Wentworth Falls, and Katoomba, NSW. Australia.

Well, we're off to the beautiful Blue Mountains, of NSW, tomorrow, April 2nd, and booked in to an Airbnb, in Wentworth Falls. We've been to this part of paradise many times before, and we keep going back, because there's so much we haven't done. Walks, sights, cafés, restaurants, waterfalls, forests, cafés, restaurants, warm firesides, and did I mention the cafés and restaurants?

Arrived to an overcast, and rainy day - but that's what you expect in the Mountains. We were surprised by the amount of tourists at Leura, for an example, and found it difficult to navigate the steets. At 3.00pm, we were able to gain access to our accommodation in Wentworth Falls, just a kilometre, or two, from Leura, which is the same distance from Katoomba.

As we arrived fairly late for sightseeing, we grabbed a quick bite to eat, and then went to our accomodation (3 nights). The house we are staying in, at Pritchard St, Wentworth Falls, is well presented, clean, spacious, and well prepared for us. The standards of Airbnb are certainly maintained with this place. Some pictures for your pleasure. BTW, I won't tell you the cost of the accommodation, only that it was substantially less than a motel room. You should check them out, when travelling!

Can't wait until tomorrow, when the sightseeing starts in earnest, or in Wentworth Falls, that is! haha

Keep watching.